Bridging a common denominator.

In the project 'Double Portrait' we offer a platform to Dutch artists and status holders with a professional creative background. Sharing stories together while making art or music. Creativity during these encounters serves as a connecting factor. The result is two filmed duo portraits of people from different cultures who get to know each other on a personal and creative level.

We present the two short films to a larger audience during an exhibition. During the opening night, we will talk to the filmmakers, artists and the audience, led by a moderator, about the themes that have emerged in the films.


The work made during the creative exchange will be exhibited in Leiden for 4 days. Social themes are discussed interactively by means of a social experiment in which visitors can continuously participate. Connections that are recorded in the video project can thus be used as inspiration to encourage people to make contact with people outside their own usual network.




Ayman Ghoujal

Jan Stap




Izaak Zwartjes        Sculptor

Ayman Ghoujal       Photographer

Inge Reisberman      Visual artist

Ayham AL Sadoon   Actor

After Double Portrait Leiden we will work with Double Portrait The Hague with a special focus on music.

We will soon start with a crowdfunding campaign.

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