In Leiden, encounters between two Leiden artists and two artists with refugee status who have ties to Leiden have been documented on film, resulting in two short films.


These films will be presented to a wider audience in Leiden.

During the presentation the artists and filmers will discuss with the audience the themes that have emerged in the two short films.

Work that was made during the creative exchange will be exhibited and presented in Old School in Leiden from november 6th to 22, 2020.

During the exhibition there is a possibility to discuss social themes interactively during a social experiment in which you can participate  as a visitor. 


The main aim of the project is to build bridges in the Leiden community through a common denominator; creativity.


Using video and art as a binder to share stories, enter conversations and express feelings, barriers might be removed for anyone who wants to connect fellow citizens.


Cultural interventions of this kind can lead to meaningful contacts and expansion of the social network. By contrasting positive role models from different cultures in the city and also providing a platform, we want to initiate a cultural intervention where stereotypes, prejudices and agreements of status holders and people with a creative profession are touched upon.


The focus is on the people themselves; their strengths and talents.


Our current society requires great connection and coordination.


In cities such as Leiden, people from diverse cultural and social backgrounds are seen living closely together, but not always with each other.


Art is ideal for telling stories, expressing and conveying emotions and increasing empathy.

In these times there is a lively social discussion on subjects as refugees, individuality and interconnectedness. Leiden is also a city with a great focus on culture and art.

The WijZijn Foundation wants to contribute answering these questions in a professional manner with the Double Portrait project.


The WijZijn Foundation aims to connect different social groups and individuals through art and culture both in the Netherlands and within Europe or worldwide.

We do this by starting up (cultural) cooperation projects, or by supporting existing (cultural) projects, with the same goal of providing a platform and broadening perspective.


Ayman Ghoujal
Jan Stap


Izaak Zwartjes, beeldhouwer
Ayman Ghoujal, fotograaf

Inge Reisberman

Ayham Al Sadoon


Beeldend kunstenaar



The Lokhorstkerk is the location for the Double Portrait with Inge Reisberman and Aeham Sadon.


We consciously use a secret church because of the Dutch historical background of persecution of Protestants.


Persecution and having to flee or take shelter is something that has happened in every country.

Together with Inge, a creative exchange takes place between her and Aeham that has to do with video, performance, poetry and sound.


Both artists base the joint inspiration for this creative exchange on the lyrics of the song My heart's in the Highlands by Arvo Pärt.


In interaction with Ayman Ghoujal, Izaak Zwartjes builds a shelter somewhere in the city of Leiden.


He describes the shelter itself as a nomad tent, for a traveling people.


This shelter is quick to build and dismantle, so it can easily be moved to new locations.


In addition to the first meeting between Izaak and Ayman (as a photographer), there is also a creative exchange around the collection of (stray) material, the building of the shelter and a photo report of it.


In the context of cross-pollination and sharing of inspiration, the filmmaker of the project (Jan Stap) collaborates with the Syrian filmmaker and photographer Ayman Ghoujal, who originally met only for the camera Izaak as a photographer.


This was not planned but was created during the project.

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